The ultimate guide to shop your perfect mattress

The ultimate guide to shop your perfect mattress

Seeking and Researching 

Firstly, take time to check the many options that you have. It’s important you choose a manufacturer that is reliable and trustworthy.  Ask the outlet how long they’ve been in business.  You’ll soon find out that it’s the manufactures that have been in the business the longest that command the most respect with regard to return customers and general satisfaction. 

The Right Material

From a latex mattress to an innerspring mattress, there are so many options available. If possible find a showroom with many display varieties and different options.  What feels right for someone else might not suit you, so spend time selecting a mattress that provides you with both comfort and support.  Discuss the materials in the mattress to discover what suits you personally.  

The Right Size

You need to select a mattress that is of the right size for your needs. Your bedding consultant will be able to advise you of the exact measurements of their range of mattresses.   Additionally, you might want to consider the profile of the mattress, if it needs to fit existing linen or a particular piece of furniture.   Mattresses are available in Single, King single, Double, Queen, King and even Super King sizes.  Custom sizes are also available from manufacturers.  

Comfort Comes First

First priority is comfort.  There is no point buying mattresses that will last 20 years if it’s not comfortable.  Your sleep quality is of the utmost importance.  Find a mattress that offers you perfect comfort and support.

Check the online Reviews

Always check the reviews that are left by other buyers. Make an informed decision, by feeling confident that you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.  

What is your Budget?

Consider your budget – most outlets will provide you with a range of mattress choices that will fit into your budget.  A mattress factory outlet is usually best able to provide you with an affordable selection.

Option to Exchange It

Always check the exchange policy before making the purchase.  Some stores offer a Comfort Exchange which is great if you do make a selection and then change your mind.  This offer gives you the best piece of mind when making your decision.  

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