Mattress Technology

Mattress technology is evolving everyday.  There is so much more available in 2020 than before.  Here’re some of the new options available now.

There has been an explosion of mattresses in a box.  There are several reasons for this increase.  The main reason for this increased demand is internet.  As the peoples shopping behavior is changing  so is the demand for the products.  The most common mattresses in a box are foam.  These are generally multi layer foam with different densities in each layer.

The second most common mattress in a box is a hybrid mattress.  This is a combination of springs and padding.  The padding is generally either different types of foam or latex,  These are becoming quite popular as well.

Another enhancement in the technology has been the types of foam available.  The use of cool gel foams in toppers and pillows has the advantage of regulating temperature while we sleep.  Cool gel foams in mattresses is specially great for climate conditions of Queensland.

With the advancement in foams, there has also been a great advancement in the fabrics we use in the manufacturing of mattresses.  We now have available cooler fabrics.

These are some of technology advancement in 2020 that can improve your sleep.  There are so many more options available now than before.