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    We have a range of ensemble available.  Most of the ensembles are available in single, King Single,Double and Queen and king.  We also have ensembles specially designed for the hotel motel industry.  Feel free to call us on 07 3279 0422.

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    Mattress Range

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    People have been buying spring mattresses for a long time now; starting from the 19th century. The word ‘spring’ used to describe these mattresses is self-explanatory and just simply means that there are springs or ‘coils’ used when manufacturing these. The upper layer of a mattress is called the ‘comfort layer’, whereas the lower one is known as the ‘core’. The core is where the majority of the springs are embedded.

    Bonnell Springs

    Bonnell spring mattresses are one of the oldest types of mattresses and are also known to be today’s basic innerspring mattresses. These are quite popular among users due to their effectiveness at a much lower cost than their competitors. Their inner structure is formed using a number of hourglass shaped bonnell springs which are connected to each other with metal wires.


    • Since these types of innerspring mattresses use very old technology, they are the cheapest of their kind in the market and affordable for all.
    • These mattresses are cool and ventilated quite well. Ventilation doesn’t let humidity and warmth accumulate which helps in preventing dust mites and other bed bugs from residing in your mattress. Coolness also results in less chances of mold production.
    • Even support is provided to everyone throughout the surface of the mattress, regardless of their body weight. This is a plus point for overweight and obese people.


    • Motion transfer can be a great issue with these because of the tight connection between all of the bonnell springs. Sharing beds can be problematic for light sleepers.
    • Comfort is also a problem as these mattresses have wires at their borders that are quite visibly evident and their existence can cause discomfort while sleeping.
    • Another form of discomfort is caused due to the aggravation of the pressure points of a person’s body. The evenly supported system does not serve everyone well and can result in painful joints and backs.

    Bonnell springs have a number of zones.  The most common are three, five and seven zones.  The zones are created in the spring units to better support your body.

    Pocket Springs

    Pocket spring mattresses are very popular in the market with a number of variations and features to aid comfort for customers. They are known to be the most modernized form of innerspring mattresses. These mattresses have independent steel coils or springs inserted in individual pockets which then, when combined, form a unit of pocketed springs. These springs can range from 300-10,000 in number.


    • There is negligible motion transfer between people-even of different weights-sleeping on a pocketed spring mattress. The elimination of the ‘roll over’ effect aids sleeping without disturbances.
    • The support and comfort offered is much more effective than the traditional spring mattress systems as the springs react in favor of the sleeper’s body mass and position.
    • They are well ventilated, thanks to the cool fabric surrounding the pocketed springs inside the mattress which serves as a cooling layer.
    • The pocketed spring system makes use of robust technology, with variations being plugged in every now and then. These mattresses, if maintained the right way, have a greater lifespan than many out there and provide the customer with great value for their money.


    • The ventilation system can, however, lack complete effectiveness due to the fabric that is used. Dampness can result in mold and mold gives off an unpleasant odor.
    • The pocket coil springs have a number of zones. You can get three, five or seven zones.  By having different zones, you are able to support your body much better.

    The pocket coil springs can have a number of zones.  You can get three, five or seven zones.  By having different zones, you are able to support your body much better.  There are different zones to support different parts of our body.  Pocket coil springs are great for two people with varying body weights.  These springs have less partner disturbance compared to bonnell springs.  The fact that they are independent springs, it has very little movement in the mattress as a result of tossing and turning.

    There are other types of mattress cores that we will discuss in other articles.

    There are a number of mattresses and ensembles with different types of spring system.  Depending on your requirements, you have the option to choose the one that’s going to be most suitable.  Keeping in mind that pocket coil will have less partner disturbance.

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